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tv   Mad Money  NBC  September 26, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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show called "animal practice." plus, how to be rich and famous and the best fall trips. >> have a great booze day tuesday, everybody. i'm jim cramer and welcome to my world. >> you need to get in the game. >> they are nuts. they are nuts. they know nothing! >> i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere. >> "mad money." you can't afford to miss it. hey, i'm cramer. other people want to make friends. my job is not just to entertain but today indicate you. call me, 1-800-743-cnbc. the ruling on the field is reversed and the play is ruled a touchdown for the bears. that's pretty how it went today. the bulls were in the game for most of the match.
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they drove the averages down with the dow seeking 100 points and nasdaq climbing 1.63%. there are some aspects to this decline and it was bad but there are some aspects to the climb that are less than what meets the eye. in fact, i think the more saliant part of today is what didn't happen. here's what i would have expected to happen today. caterpillar plummeting five points, crushing the dow jones average by 2% causing another decline to take down hard hit stocks, including federal express which is off 3. 3m is down they are reeling from the retail industries. the only problem with that,
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though, it didn't occur. i would have expected it to happen but it didn't. caterpillar did downgrade last night and that did cause the key member of the dow jones industrial to fall $3 and change. frankly, i expected much worse. that's what it was that gave you the outlook that it slashed last night. it kept falling after it announced a bad quarter. however, federal express has fallen back to where it was. and even though the situation is not as good as we thought when it first shouted out that things were deteriorating, last week and one of the oddest things that happened is 3m guided down the earnings possibilities. previous earnings estimate is a stretch. nevertheless, the $3.92 stock went up when it announced negatives and barely came down today. intel shortfall announcement did bring the shares down a couple of points but the decline has been stemmed by an almost 4%, 26 cent decline.
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i don't know. i don't think it is worth crying about. hey, look, norfolk southern, come on. it's actually hanging in there. what might have been the worst of the lot offest mit cuts, one that i would say to bring it down, neither did much further damage after the initial declines and it was actually up, not down today. i figured nsc would be at 60. i told you i thought that would happen. i was too bearish. i thought it would have taken out 60. i said that you should sell it. so far, it wasn't such good advice. i spent a lot of time on the show talking about the price of stocks and how they can differ from the fundamentals than what they represent. i also tell you about patterns in 31 years of training that should hold true because they've worked. now, it is easy to be moan the
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moving cat. much more important is that it didn't get crushed as much as it should have. this is known as a high beta stock, giving up points left and right. it reaction is not that noteworthy. why is the reaction been -- let's call it benign to news that would produce multiday down moves and perhaps crushing border averages. i mean, think about it. instead of 13,000 we were down to 11. when you hear that all of these people owe money, that's where we are. why were these stocks down? it looked like we were going to finish higher for the day. michelle caruso cabrera was on and i said, shoot, i think the muted declines is what you have a right to expect, they might not have even occurred point to a couple of things, a positive
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end of the quarter phenomena as well as an anomaly. it makes the market stronger than you would expect. maybe things like bounty or something and not a flood. first, we're in a hideous moment. they need to make up ground versus the average. remember these managers, particularly hedge fund managers, are expected to beat the s&p 500. that's what you pay them for as you would just assume be it where you pay teeny, tiny fees. what is the point of giving a hedge fund manager on top of 20% as the year ticks by, some 90% are getting frantic. they have a buy and can't make up the performance. that's how you feel. it looks like jesus and they don't want to pay up for merchandise. that often leads to underperformance.
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they respond high and sell low. even the most knuckle head partner knows that. when you get a price break like you have from fedex or norfolk southern or caterpillar, what you find is the managers take advantage of the price break and don't let the stock cascade down like it used to. although my charitable trust which you can follow along is beating the market, we felt like we got a good chance to buy a quality retail like bed, bath, and beyond when it blew up. and remember they might be doing it, too. and the market doesn't fall as much as it should. so let's consider a couple of reasons for the cushion, especially considering that september has been an unfriendly month for the bulls and underperformance in terms of
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basis points, that's a difference to one set of stock and the real targets of today's down draft, more than 550 basis points behind the averages, which means they are already getting killed. they are much lower than the average stock. that is attracting bargain hunters, not sellers. second, as much as we heard endless grumblings, i was thinking fiscal retaining wall. resonate with you? when i scan the estimates for the vast majority of companies that follow, including the ones i'm talking to tonight, i see they are supposed to rise, sometimes mightily next year. dramatic rises.
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i can't recall seeing a company with estimates for 2013 that are lower than 2012. given it's perfectly realistic to believe that something will be better next year, don't you think your baseball team or football team is going to be better this year than last year? that's got some -- everybody else it makes sense. perhaps the u.s. because there's so much stimulus or europe and this could all bring about a better 2013. in other words, money managers represent companies that could be doing better than next year. that's putting a floor nd among the stocks that could be drubed and drubbed and drubbed after getting an initial hit. it's a lack of follow through and the lack of negative pin action to the overall market,
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not just the industrials. so when the lead industrials and transport pins go down, you usually expect a bearish spare, if not a strike. instead, you're scoring a 5 or a 6. it is by no means bullish bowling. it is that. but, you know, bullish bowling would mean gutter balls. unless you get a competent nfl replacement ref, it's not a convincing win for the bears by any means either. let's go to terry in georgia. terry? >> caller: hey, boo-yah, jim. >> boo yeah. >> caller: is it a good stock to hold on to and would the constant legal problems affected any? >> no, they won't but i'm going to use karen cramer rules because i work with her. carnival cruise and now you want to go into it? what were you thinking?
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and the answer is, no, you can't. the time to buy that was in the terrible tragedy and the aftermath. not now. the move has been made. we're playing by those rules. i'm going to go to oswald in florida. oswald? >> caller: hey, jim. how's it going? >> not bad. not bad. >> caller: staples, i know they are doing restructuring and thinking about closing a couple of stores in the u.s. and internationally. so i was wondering, would it be a good time to pick them up now or see how this pans out? >> i'm going to go with the latter. they announced this and it was like the first time they announced this and -- i don't know -- i don't want to be given the hyperbole but i will say this, i'm getting tired of staples saying, next quarter is going to be different because we mean business. i don't think they mean business at all. i'm mr. bright side.
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call me that. maybe the bears will control the gain today. are they really controlling the market? no. look, it was a win for the bears but i've got to tell you something, to me i'm calling penalties, i'm calling it a further review and i'm saying -- let's just say it was a push. "mad money" will be right back. >> announcer: coming up, checks in the mail? paychex took a hit today. but as more americans get back to work, could this turn into a payday for investors? don't miss cramer's exclusive with a company's ceo. and, later, rotten apple? the tech has been a driving force behind the market's move higher. but could it all be coming to an end? tonight, cramer takes a bite out of the technicals to find out if apple's run is done or just begun on an all new edition of off the charts.
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plus, seeing red. software supplier redhat has been making green for investors in 2012 but after reporting, the stock's in the red. is this your opportunity to buy or should the open source powerhouse no longer get your tip of the hat? cramer's earnings exclusive with its ceo just ahead. all coming up on ""mad money." don't miss a second. follow jim cramer on twitter madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to ♪ ♪ moving along ♪ new beginnings and new ends
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finally mitt romney's got something good to feel good about. i'm talking about unemployment. specifically, what we heard from paychex, the second largest pay rolling company in america. especially hiring small businesses, which irks main clients. last night we got results from paychex and many considered it disappointing. now, i think paychex is a well-run business. while the company is facing a tough environment, the quarter wasn't terrible by any stretch of the imagination. it beat it by a penny on a 40 cents basis and 2% year over
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year. last time i thought that was the hugely important key metric. however, the growth year seems to be decelebrating. especially since that's why i'm thrilled to have marty, the chairman and ceo here to talk about the quarter. mr. mucy, welcome back to "mad money." >> good to be here, jim. >> i've got to oh tell you, i've been through these various downgrades and it's almost like they thought that the payroll numbers had dropped so we have 6.5 to 7% unemployment. the fact is we always thought it was this number that we cared so much about which was the actual 2% revenues number. it suddenly didn't matter. all the people looked at was you guys didn't capitalize on the gigantic increase on employment on the matter.
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>> we thought it was a good quarter. it met our expectations, client base and client retention all improving. we felt good. it was a good start to the fiscal year for us. >> now, what do you think is more of a headwind for you, the fact that the federal reserve has just said, listen, nobody is going to make any business on cash or the idea that small business is very worried about health care, therefore people are not starting new companies? >> i think it's always about new business startups. the good news is, consumer confidence is up this morning. housing starts are up. we think that's going to be the start of bringing small businesses, new business startups back, which we think is very good for us. >> now, want to go over these concerns again because you know how i stand. this is a pay to wait stand. it's a terrific performer.
3:18 am
the analysts that were negative, growth against difficult comps, payroll service revenues were plus 1% and that was disappointing. how disappointing is that versus what you were working off of? >> well, we expected this and we talked to -- you know, we kind of set that out. we had a tough compare with the first quarter of last year, basically some timing of payroll volume and frequency from the previous first quarter. but it met our expectations and checks for payroll is up and we feel we are hiring and we have a world class sales organization, whether it's payroll, 401(k), hr solutions or insurance out there selling us and getting some new revenue for us. >> i felt that was really important. maybe these guys didn't get to the end of the conference call. we're filled, we're expanding and we're out there hiring. we're we wouldn't be hiring if the business were in an entrenchment. >> that's exactly right.
3:19 am
we expanded territories. we're getting market segmentation. we just introduced a brand new sales force going after the financial adviser market. we're feeling good about the opportunities that are out there. >> now, some of the bears are saying -- i hate to focus on the bear. the stock went down today and to get the ceo on, to answer these things is a lot better than just saying, hey, listen, when is obama going to create jobs or is romney going to create jobs because we don't know that. they did say, bears are concerned that the outsourcing payroll market is saturated and that's why you are focused on the ancillary businesses that you are hiring for. >> we just don't see it that way. even with low in business starts, there are 750,000 new businesses started every year. when you see that, half of our sales come from new businesses. once you get into the ecosystem, get on payroll, we can sell you all of the other products. we feel good about paychex.
3:20 am
>> i have a couple businesses that i'm involved in where i use paychex. it's amazing, all of the other small business people that i talk to say, look, i don't want to hire anybody right now. i'm talking about somebody who's got some means, who wants to hire two or three people. i'm just stopping that. is that part of the problem? people who have got some means, who would normally doll something and they are the ones holding back or is someone actually needing a loan that is not getting it that is holding back? >> well, i think, first of all, on the existing client base, the checks are still up and not moderating as much as we thought. the election is going to put a damper on things until small business know where health care reform is headed and where taxes are headed but i do feel that these consumer confidence numbers this morning, the
3:21 am
housing starts, that drives small business and we feel pretty good that maybe it's going to pick up. it's gradually improving. maybe we'll pick up a little speed. >> give me some of those gradual improvements. if you come in, let's say six weeks ago versus today, what did you see in your run that's a little better now versus what it was? >> well, one would be that the checks per client. we thought that would moderate. that's still at 2%. we thought that would start to come down. this is the largest gradual increase in checks per client we've seen in any recession that we've been through the last two recessions. so this is kind of a slow, gradual continual improvement. second, the retention is still better. still improving client retention, fewer going out of business and less jumping and not leaving us. third third, i would say the client base so the net gain is slightly improving and we're also seeing more clients continue to grow and take
3:22 am
401(k), which is an investment health insurance, we now have the 28th largest insurance agency. they are still buying health insurance out there. so i think it shows some momentum and some positive feeling in business. >> i agree. now, look, two quarters ago they were saying your retention number is not good enough and now they have a new number. they keep moving the goal post. they are basically replacement refs and you and i know better. president and ceo of paychex. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you. >> you put the dividend together with a stock performance and you've got a stock doing quite well. that's what i'm after. that's what he's giving you. >> announcer: coming up, rotten apple? the tech has been a driving force behind the market's move higher. but could it all be coming to an end? tonight, cramer takes a bite out of the technicals to find out if apple's run is done or just begun on an all new edition of "off the charts."
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and, later, seeing red. software supplier redhat has been making green for investors in 2012 but after reporting, the stock's in the red. is this your opportunity to buy or should the open source powerhouse no longer get your tip of the hat? cramer's earnings exclusive with its ceo is just ahead. all coming up on "mad money." a new city to explore. but thanks to hotwire, this year we got to take an extra trip. because they get us ridiculously low prices on really nice hotels and car rentals. so we hit boston in the spring-- even caught a game. and with the money we saved, we took a trip to san francisco. you see, hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so, where to next? how about there? ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ why should golfers take 5-hour energy?
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what the heck should you do with apple after the beating it's taken over the last couple of days? last night i told you if you are thinking of buying a tech stock, i prefer google even though i still believe in owning apple as an investment. i think we need to take a closer look what might be going on here after the $17.25 crush today on top of yesterday's hideous loss. last night i told you about the fundamentals. tonight we're going to go off the charts. try to figure out where apple's stock might be headed and what you should do about it and we're going to use the technician who is the chief strategist officer as well as being my colleague and does a lot of videos. before we get into the details, i want to point out when it comes to apple, the reason we're going to back on may 22nd, if the stock just experienced a nasty pullback like this one, we
3:27 am
did a segment based on the chart work where he suggested that apple is going much higher. last it peaked at 600 bucks. so what does he say about apple right now? first of all, the stock hit a huge milestone. when something like that happens, he says that the stocks like to shade the trees afterwards, punish anyone late to the party. it stands to reason and that's why the stock is pulling back. if you want to know how to buy apple going forward, you need to know how it's made sense. it's really it's own kind of animal. remember when apple reported in late july and the company missed the numbers, the stock actually did sell off, it was hideous selloff. that pullback when apple hit a solid floor around 580, after that it was off to the races for the following and and so how did it make sense after the latest move higher?
3:28 am
apple traded into the gap post earnings, july 27th. the stock filled in that gap in just three days. there's the fill-in. showing power and tremendous demand for traders to get excited about it. that's what it did. it turned on people. it's already been put on sale because it had blown up after the quarter. the second buying pattern came when apple cleared 618 making a slow -- a higher high, okay, there's a little higher high. you see, because first head and shoulders showing commitment after filling in the gap. after that you caught another leg higher. caught a third viable pattern when apple took out the all-time high on august 17th, right there.
3:29 am
this is usually a sign that the stock is going even higher. that's exactly what happened here. and then the fourth viable pattern redler sees, the iphone 5 was introduced when apple reversed in the last hour of the day and buyers took control after it spent on or above the support. usually the bears try to sell these big events but they couldn't keep the stock down this time and it actually went higher which means there's more upside left. some might want that. it's not my thing. i want to invest in apple now. redler thinks it's time to tread lightly in apple. redler's way to measure whether the stock pulls back even further and has to do with a pair of key levels. check out this chart of apple going back to december to see where redler thinks apple could be headed.
3:30 am
apple has been pounded on iphone sales, the stock is still held above its 21-day moving average. this is an ultra short measure of trajectory. a lot of technicians don't like it. it's too short. apple only tested that level once. as the stock got pounded at the end of the session below the crucial zone, in other words, apple's testing what redler says is the key level and it might be failing the test. apple rebounds tomorrow, it can get back on track. that means that it's passing the test. redler would expect it will continue. the stock could go higher and redler points out that lots of stocks with serious momentum held at this key 21-day level. let's look at google's chart. back on september 12th it pulled back to the 21-day moving average and that average held as
3:31 am
it has several times in the past. since then it has been on fire. that's a rocket ship, right? historic highs. if apple holds, it can follow in google's footsteps. what happens if apple doesn't hold? what if it continues to breakdown below the 21-day moving average to 681 which the stock is a tiny bit below right now? in that case, redler thinks that it's a 50-day moving average that is the red line, okay, next level of support and that's around 644. redler believes that it coincides with the high in april. he expects it to be range-bound during earnings. redler does not believe that apple has seen the highs of the year. he's told me this several times in the last 24 hours. first it's looking like the stock will have to pull back and
3:32 am
we don't know yet it if it will be a little pullback or and just like google did when it sold off, that's as good assaying, all aboard. redler can see it falling to 644. if it falls below 644 and doesn't consider this lightly, he says apple will lose the premium quality. you know i believe in apple as an investor and i'm not trading it, people, even though the expectations have made it tougher. the charts interpreted by redler, while the stock is due for a pullback, there's still reason to believe that it will pull down. until one of those things happens, redler thinks that you should wait before you buy a dip. the guy's got the shorthand trading. let's go to bob.
3:33 am
>> caller: hi, jim. i've got a couple questions regarding intel. do you think they have the juice to make real inroads into the tablets of the market and why and why not and do you think the stock is a great buy at these levels? >> you've asked me a very pertinent question. do they have the -- i think they can do the smart phone but what has to happening is apple, with the fight with samsung, apple has to say, listen, we're done with samsung. we're switching all of the business to intel. until they do that, you are flogging a dead horse, my friend. you're just going to get that bond equivalent at 4%. is apple unstoppable? tonight's chart is cut to the core. he thinks it may be coming more than we had. if you want to take a bite, he's saying, wait for that pullback. look, i'm saying, stop already. get a little long as it comes in. okay? it's an investment for me. for him it's a treat. stay with cramer.
3:34 am
>> announcer: coming up, seeing red. software supplier redhat has been making green for investors in 2012. but after reporting, the stock's in the red. is this your opportunity to buy or should the open source powerhouse no longer get your tip of the hat? cramer's earnings exclusive with its ceo is just ahead.
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it is time. it's time for the lightning round buy, buy, buy. sell, sell, sell. that's the final scoreboard. and the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee daddy? time for the lightning round. i want to go to charles in missouri. charles? >> caller: hey, boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah. >> i wanted to get your take on key energy services, a stock fell about 12.5%. >> key energy, these are speculations on the ideal that oil is going to go higher. they are call options on oil. that's what they are. if you think oil is going to go down, they are going down. i don't think it is. i think that -- i like -- i like heck. heck is the one that i want to buy. let's go to jason in nevada. jason? >> caller: hello from las vegas. i was wondering what you thought about mom, monsanto. >> i talked about how this
3:38 am
market is not giving up the ghost. i thought it would be down 3, 4 points after the great run. this is one to buy on weakness and i don't know if you're going to get any. i'm going to go to thomas in new mexico. thomas? >> caller: jim, my stock is fifth street finance, fsc. >> i'm going to send you, are you ready, ski daddy, key bank. i like it a lot more than your name. eric in colorado, eric? >> caller: a big beck ken ridge boo-yah and thanks for helping the little guy. >> dualing forcing right now on twitter. what's up? >> caller: well, pricing for their services is improving rapidly. is now a good time to buy?
3:39 am
>> if you think that is the case, why not go for the one that has less liability and i think that that stock has better fundamentals. chris in new york? chris? >> caller: yes. >> go ahead, chris. >> caller: big boo-yah to you, jim? >> right back at you. >> caller: company corrections corporation of america, cxw. >> i have not kept up on the contracts of late and i have not been good at calling that group. i've got to do more work rather than tell you the contact is good. that's the way i play it. i'm not punting. i've just got to do more work. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. what does fall smell like? head north, to someplace pristine like acadia national park. there is nothing like the parks this time of year. the falling leaves,
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has the cloud peaked? as we head to what has been the best time for techs, even though everything relating to consumers is in good shape, still have a couple themes going, things like cloud computing. and then redhat, the software company that is one of the key players in the cloud reported that many analysts disappointing. the company missed year over year. the guidance was weaker than expected when you look at that, you can see why it fell 4.28%. remember, it was a down day here. however, upon closer inspection, when you look at pretty darn good to me, just that they are
3:44 am
getting hit as they convert weak foreign currencies. the other issue that redhat is investing in is business. and that costs money. you want them to invest in growing business and rather than hoard the money to please the analysts. redhat is up 33% for the year and it is an expensive stock. i think it would be nuts to write these guys off. let's check in with president and ceo of redhat, find out where the company is headed. welcome back to "mad money." >> jim, it's great to be back. how are you? >> pretty great. how are you? >> i read through these notes and and i want to point out to our viewers, you once had another job before this.
3:45 am
it was a difficult job. is your business falling off like that did? >> oh, our business is going fantastically. we continue to grow. on a constant currency basis, over 20%. to me that's a great business and one of the few organic businesses. >> how does that compare to delta when you were chief operating officer? >> it is a fun, fun business to be involved in. it is a tough business to be investing in. that is a tough business. >> the reason that i pointed it out. i think there is a misconception in the buying of the companies. you have to do that in order to maintain the growth rate and i don't understand what the analysts want.
3:46 am
because it would be severely disappointing if you did what they wanted you to do. >> well, i think especially in this case, we were a penny light on earnings, but all of that was based not even on investing on the companies but the one-time costs associated with closing the deal. so the legal financial fees associated with it. that represented 100% of the miss. and so we are invested heavily in the business but at the same time we continue to have pretty solid operating margins. our cash flow from operations grew by 35% year over year. even as we invest, we're still significantly increasing our return to shareholders. >> i always thought that it's the most significant piece of data. but let's go over what the bears say. one of them says, this was the slowest billing growth in four quarters. what would you say? >> what i would say is, we said back in march that we were going to relatively reduce our
3:47 am
emphasis on services. our services over the last several years have grown as fast as the rest of the business and while that sounds good it puts us in competition with our system integrate for partners who use our software to ultimately deliver their services. so the hpess of the world. so we said earlier that we were going to significantly reduce our growth rate in services, which by the way s. a 36% gross margin, to emphasis working with partners that sells software at a 94% and it grew 22% year over year which was a pretty solid growth rate, especially in this environment. yes, our services grew at a single digit growth rate and our services we bill after the fact. and so that did pull down our billings growth rate some and we think it's well worth it.
3:48 am
we still have 22% cost of currency growth in our subscription business. >> these are all new businesses. how are they integrating and what will they do for you in 2013? >> well, gluster we bought about a year ago. we released the redhat storage in june. it's been in the markets for two months and we've had phenomenal results so far. we have 30 proof of concepts going. we signed a significant six-figure deal all in the first two months. we talked about the beauty of the subscription model as it is very visable. even when you sign it shows zero revenue. so it's -- right now has huge, huge, huge potential. we have a significant backlog of demand in storage. so we expected to do a lot to our billings and bookings over the next year.
3:49 am
>> i'm sorry. i wanted you to be able to address directly in the time i have left that you've won some huge contracts, including some that have been taken away by others, including banks. if you can address it in the context of that. you're winning business and you did the partnership thing. you are taking business away from major companies. >> oh, abs -- for the first time ever in our history we had eight figure deals. i wish they were ten-figure deals. eight-figure deals, over $10 million deals in the quarter. what i think that illustrates, certainly the dollars are nice and they were becoming very, very strategic to very large companies. obviously for a software spin, that's a big, big, big number and we're getting much more strategic and deeper in some of the largest banks in telcos and government agencies in the world. >> look, jim, thank you. i think that because your stock moved up so much i think people
3:50 am
are taking shots. but to me what you're doing is building business and that's what we want. so thank you, jim, president and ceo of redhat. great to see you, sir. >> great to be on. talk to you soon. >> all right, guys, stock is up huge. it's up 30% more. this market got really ugly and tough for technology so i understand why the stock can go down on some little bit of nugget. but, remember, this is still a very big growth business and i don't like a lot of technology stocks here. this one can hold up under close scrutiny, even as i'm sure it can go down a couple of days because it didn't blow in the numbers. "mad money" is back after this. >> announcer: keep up with cramer all day long. follow @jimcramer on twitter, #madtweets. what a bargain! [ female announcer ] sometimes a good deal turns out to be not such a good deal. but bounty gives you value you can see.
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time for the performance. i got the data to back it up. you simply don't want that first buy to be too high. you wanted to be aware if the stock goes down you can buy more without feeling if you're going out on a big limb or making a good money after bad money decision. lately though when i've communicated this concept to so many viewers and readers at the street, they have missed the point entirely. and none more so than my
3:54 am
suggestion yesterday, that google 730 might have been better than apple. notice my words, i didn't say i like the stock more than apple stock. i didn't say i wanted to sell apple. i remain a believer in apple and i own it for my trust and said that down at its low today it might actually be time to do some buying. but as far as buying it at 700 yesterday versus buying google at 730, to me the choice was pretty clear. there were a multitude of sellers that i thought weren't finished. google has got some ways to go before you can pause and get hammered. apple has come down versus google. that's what happens. somehow though through this suggestion, a correct one already, google might be at this very moment a better stock to buy than apple, it's coming across as a flip flopping to many viewers, as if it's suggesting that i can't stand apple, that it's finished, the
3:55 am
only game in town as google. come on, is that a painful miss interpretation. both are inexpensive stocks but apple has had a huge run, one that produced huge expectations that while i think ultimately will be met, once all that preordering is processed and the phones are in the stores, right now they seem very aggressive. it's paying the way. meanwhile, google is just now finished getting itself back. i've liked google for some time. two, i've liked apple for some time and viewed it as cheap. i'm speaking of which stock has buyers that are aggressive and one one has sellers that are aggressive. the aggressive sellers might be willing to sell at lower prices. i have to make that kind of judgment if i want a correct entry point. i don't want you to say, hey, you missed google so forget about it if i think the stock's going higher. i'm not going to tell you that the train has left the station,
3:56 am
but if i think a stock is going lower, as i thought yesterday about apple, i'm not going to tell you to wait for a better time. this isn't politics. it's investing. i'm not trying to get elected. i'm not even trying to make friends. my goal is and has always been to get you to make as much money as possible. if i can time the investment in google or apple, that's all i'm trying to do. nothing more and nothing less. as a professional money manager i know that's what's expected for me. what i want you to learn and know how to do yourself even if somehow incorrectly you think i've turned on apple and want you to plow on google as if i've never, ever liked the stock on the show. stick with kramer. [ female announcer ] with the 2-in-1 swiffer sweeper,
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on further review, look, the bears won, but i don't think it was convincing. i'm calling it a five


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